Here at Squid’s we aim to bring you the very best seafood from around the region and New Zealand. 

 We are a conscious consumer and work with our supplier to ensure that our fresh fish is caught using sustainable, long line fishing techniques from boats that fish off this East Coast of the North Island.

In doing this we are trying to use some of the lesser known fish and by-catch that are available and move away from some of the more overfished species. We get a fish availability list each night for the following day so the menu could contain delights like Skate, Warehou, Grey Mullet, Hapuku Kahawai and Trevally. Fantastic tasting fish and very versatile. Fish how fish should taste!

The King salmon that we use is sustainably farmed in the Marlborough Sounds on the South Island where the flowing cooler water is perfect for them.

In addition to our fin fish we use the famous Greenlip Mussels and Pacific oyster that are farmed just over the hill in Coromandel town and the Kina is gathered from right here within Mercury Bay.

In keeping with our seafood values we have been lucky enough to be able to source an Absolute Angus steak from one of the very few original Scottish Angus herds in NZ. Biologically single farmed on the East Cape we can trace your steak right back to the paddock.

Knowing that the meat has been reared properly and then hung for 3 weeks our job becomes very simple in preparing it!

So with this in mind we hope you enjoy your meals here with us and you appreciate just a little more where your food has come from.